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For almost 20 years Baltic Development Group has bridged the gap between the Latvia and the rest of the world by consulting, managing and sourcing investment for projects as well as establishing new bilateral trade channels. 

Thanks to our support, leaders have been able to make sound decisions based on accurate information. Whatever may your organization need, we take pride in accurately assessing organizational needs and then providing the support, services, tools, and unique solutions necessary to help build effective, dynamic organizations.

Based in Riga, Latvia, we leverage the local advantages in favour of our clients

Accessibility to large markets

Latvia can be proud of its unique geographical and cultural position, providing a strategic location for business operations targeting developed economies of the EU and emerging markets of eastern neighbours. Latvia is a natural gateway between the Scandinavia, EU and Asia (especially Russia/CIS).

Developed infra-structure

From well developed transport infrastructure, consisting of three major ice-free ports, international airport and multiple rail and road logistics hubs to IT and communications, including one of the fastest broadband speeds in Europe and testing of 5G networks.

Skilled and motivated talent pool

The Latvian labour force is multi-lingual and relatively well educated, ready to take on new challenges and is highly motivated. Countries with better-trained or better-motivated workforces than Latvia are few and far between. Latvians take pride in having strong work ethics being an integral part of Northern European culture, while at the same time having extensive experience and knowledge of doing business with Russia.

Cost effective environment

Latvia offers significant cost advantages to investors, including competitive labour and real estate expenses, as well as competitive tax rates. Coupled with strong productivity in manufacturing and services, Latvia provides investors with a highly cost-effective environment for business, producing compelling returns on investment.


Tax on Corporate Reinvested Earnings


Corporate Income Tax in Special Cconomic Zones


Corporate Income Tax on Profit Distribution

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Services you can count on

Bilateral trade of goods & services

Whether you are interested in buying or selling, we can find the right customer for you.

Project management & consulting

With multiple ongoing and many projects finished, we have the expertise to consult you in the strategy as well as implement it.

Investment sourcing

For projects based in Latvia, we can assist in investment sourcing from banks, EU funds or private investors.

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Experience you can trust, service you can count on.


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